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1:1 Business coaching

Great things come from venturing outside your comfort zone

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Leaders must be willing to constantly challenge themselves

Frontbench Coaching brings you the five BIG "R"s: Ɍefresh, Ɍeframe, Ɍeinvent, Ɍecreate and Ɍeimagine. If any of these words resonate with you, and you are looking to feel lighter, clearer and stronger, this is for you.



Master self-management and explore your leadership style. Become conscious of the biases and assumptions that might be holding you back from being a better leader


Explore what makes you different and how you can harness the potential of that difference


Set clear and measurable goals and see them achieved. Bridge the performance gap between what you do and what you could be doing

The Coach

I have the privilege of being ranked by the Legal Directories as one of the best lawyers specialising in art law. I have led teams of lawyers for over twenty years. Outside the law, I have chaired international boards such as the Board of World Monuments Fund Britain and other not-for-profits in the art industry such as PAIAM (Professional Advisors to the International Art Market) and ICRA (International Catalogue Raisonné Association). I am also an entrepreneur, having founded both PAIAM and ICRA and more recently ARTISTATE, a business supporting artists and their estates. I am a qualified mediator and an executive coach. I bring these experiences to Frontbench, as well as over 30 years of exploration of the self through personal development workshops, meditation and reading.

Why Frontbench? The front bench are the first seats in Parliament, right at the centre of the Parliament Chamber, occupied, in the UK, by the members of the government and shadow cabinet. You are at the top of the political game if you sit on the front bench. It is a metaphor, because sadly excellence and sitting on the front bench are no longer synonymous. Think of front bench as being the top table.

My core coaching values are curiosity, authenticity and a passionate determination to support you as you sit at the front bench, or move swiftly towards it.


Qualified as a business coach with Meyler Campbell, 2019

Qualifying as a Time to Think Facilitator, 2022

Are you a successful executive or entrepreneur who, like me, often feels like a hamster going round and round on a wheel? You know that you need to stop, or at least slow down. ✏︎ Does one of the five BIG "R"s resonate with you: Ɍefresh, Ɍeframe, Ɍeinvent, Ɍecreate, Ɍeimagine? ✏︎ Do you feel stuck or limited? Not necessarily in a job but in a role you play, by the expectation of others, by your own self-image? ✏︎ Would you like to feel freer within yourself of old "stuff" that you seem to carry with you and no longer serve their purpose? ✏︎ Do you feel that there are doors within yourself that you wish you opened but you do not know how, or you are concerned about you might find behind the door? If we work together, I promise that you will be amazed to discover that you can be free of limitations, constraints and "old stuff". You will feel lighter, clearer and stronger.

What do clients say

  • Pierre had a tremendous impact on my professional career. He guided me during my process of switching employer. With his help, I found a role I am tremendously happy with and where I am valued as an employee. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to excel at his or her career.

    Jacqueline C, Venture Capital
  • Working with Pierre is the best professional development I have taken part in. I work in education, and Pierre was immediately sensitive and curious about how the sector works and keen to understand the pressures of my role as a senior leader in school. He strikes an excellent balance between encouragement and challenge. He guides me to reflect on why things have gone well, and how I might apply that approach in the future but is also quick to diagnose the root of problems where things have become dysfunctional and challenging and pushes me to question my assumptions and preconceptions.

    Jamie C, Vice Principal, Education
  • Pierre coached me at a time of great uncertainty in my career. I had left behind a career of 20 years but still had another 15 years of work left in me and was struggling with what to do next. Pierre made some really useful interventions, challenging me to question myself and my motivations. We worked on some big questions around work / life balance as well as around stress and anxiety and the environment in which I worked. Pierre creates a real sense of peaceful space in which to think and reflect.

    Jenny M, Partner, Advisory
  • I found Pierre to be highly empathic and a great listener. It was really helpful working with someone who came from a similar professional background so that there was no need to explain many of the issues. Working with Pierre helped me focus on the things that mattered and supported me whilst I made the changes I needed. Highly recommended.

    Nicky R, managing partner, law firm
  • I was resistant to coaching as I could not see any added value to it. Pierre as a coach was a complete game-changer for me and my development. He showed me new perspectives both professionally and in my personal life, helped me see things in a completely different light and opened new thinking paths for which I am forever grateful. Looking back now, having him as a coach was one of the highlights and best parts of my Cambridge EMBA program

    Sinziana M, Director, Industrial Automation
  • Pierre was able to put me at sufficient ease to discuss and address the root causes of my lack of confidence in areas of my professional life. Whilst this is a journey, I now have the tools needed to develop myself when dealing with clients, partners of the firm and colleagues.

    William W, Director, International Accountancy Firm

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