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Benefits | FrontBench Coaching
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Best self

Coaching has ensured I get to the root of my challenges, clarified some overarching goals to get through a challenging professional (and personal) period and helped me show up as my best self

Self awareness

Through coaching I realised the gulf that existed between how I thought I was perceived and how I was actually perceived. Both dispassionate and energising, coaching enabled a deeper level of reflection

Personal purpose 

I understood how to tap into my intuition and my heart rather than be driven from my head alone


A totally new way of looking at my thought processes and helped me make a complete change around

Challenge ready

Coaching made me more aware of my strengths and prepared me for the challenges ahead.  I was more able to make decisions that work for me as well as the organisation


A boost of energy! It has been crucial for me to up my game, get out of my comfort zone and perform at my peak far more often. I moved from working harder to working smarter

The five BIG "R"s


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Through coaching, I have found my leadership style and made it work within the culture of my firm

Professional development

Coaching provided me with the tools to focus on my career goals, build on my experience and achievements and map the career path that is right for me; I am feeling motivated and equipped with a clear action plan on how to achieve my objectives

New Thinking

Coaching got me out of old patterns of thought, and produced moments of great clarity and deep learning, moving my thinking forward in leaps and bounds

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