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In Practice

Chemistry Session

The objective of the chemistry session is to check that there is personal chemistry between coach and client. It is your opportunity to ask questions, and for the two of us to decide together on the most appropriate and effective coaching programme. The chemistry session is also the opportunity to set ground rules: confidentiality, duration, how coaching sessions will be conducted (online or face-to-face), cancellations, fee, etc

In Session

Once the ground rules are agreed, and sessions are diarised, the coaching programme starts in earnest. Each coaching session lasts approximately one hour. The session starts by setting a goal for the session. The goal is the thread running through the session. It needs to be clearly articulated and measurable. At the end of the session, we revisit the goal to assess whether it has been achieved and the new tools that you have learned during the session to pursue the goal

Between Sessions

There is work to do between sessions. Your priority will be to practice what you have learned during the coaching session. As your coach, I regularly provide additional material to read or watch between sessions. I am available between sessions if support is needed

Great things come from venturing outside your comfort zone

Develop self-awareness, self-confidence, a sense of purpose, greater clarity, resilience and the courage to take big and decisive action.

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At the heart of each executive coaching programme are goals.  They must be clear and measurable. I use a range of methods to support you in achieving your goals


Targeted questions will lead you to the answers within you

Giving you the space and time to think without interruption

This is about creating that remarkable space where high quality thinking can occur

Exploring limiting assumptions

We all make assumptions based on early messaging by primary caretakers.  Uncovering those messages are an essential part of your personal growth

360 feedback

I may ask you to seek 360 feedback, or I may ask for your permission to seek 360 feedback from people you select

Role play

By stepping into the shoes of someone else, you can gain insight into their perspective leading to creative ways to resolving conflict


By visualising the situation you are describing on a black board, you will gain greater understanding into your own motivations and those of others

Psychometric Tests

They help you increase your self-awareness and discover strengths you were not aware you had

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